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Silent Marketing: How to discover rich reward areas of your market

December 1, 2010
Your ears are better persuaders than your mouth.

Want to grow your sales and profit? Listen!

Silent Marketing: How to discover rich reward areas of your market

Business success depends on your ability to discover “under-recognized” or changing needs and fulfilling them with creativity, wisdom, empathy, and understanding that no one else can demonstrate.  You’ll occupy an enviable position in your market if you can discover and solve problems people (prospects, customers and competitors) may not even be able to articulate clearly.

Discover and solve the biggest, most important and impactful problems in your marketplace and your reward will be limitless.  How do you do this?  A good starting point to get clarity about what problems your marketplace is facing and trying to solve is with your prospects and customers.  Ask them questions that will uncover the most important opportunities they need and want to exploit and problems they need and want to solve.  Then listen to them attentively with your whole body, hanging on their every word.

To become a master at exploiting the opportunities and solving the problems, interpret and internalize the answers provided by your prospects and customers.  Then use your organisation’s full arsenal of creativity, innovation and resources to deliver the best solutions.  Do this and rich rewards await you.

Can you identify an overlooked sector of your market that you can serve profitably, better than anyone else?  Can you identify an aspect of your marketplace offerings where customers are being forced to compromise, to which you can add unparalleled value?  These are examples of rich reward and huge wealth creation areas.

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