Silent Marketing: Want to close more sales? Listen more closely

Your ears are better persuaders than your mouth.

Want to grow your sales and profit? Listen!

Silent Marketing: Want to close more sales?  Listen more closely

Great listening begets great service and great service begets great profits.  Listening is also an act of love.  I once heard someone define listening as “wanting to hear.  You can’t deliver great service unless you really “want to hear.” And you can’t do this without caring.  So you see, listening and great service go hand in hand.

It is impossible to offer the best value and deliver great service without listening very attentively, actively and with care.  And guess what?  You can’t be a great marketer without listening very attentively and actively.  So when someone is speaking to you, are you always disciplined to want to hear?  Are you in love with your customers?  Well, you ought to be.

Silent marketing is about wanting to listen because you want to hear because you want to know because you want to help because you care because you love your customers.

The most difficult task in selling and the number one key to success is to get inside the head and heart of your customer.  And you certainly don’t do that by talking.  You can only understand your buyers’ situations, needs and wants by listening.  Then you can address their concerns appropriately.  What do they value most that only your company can give them?

Want to close more sales?  Listen more closely.  Listening is by far the most important aspect of marketing and the selling process.  It is also, sadly, the weakest skill for many sales people.  Want to learn to listen?  Shut up.  Start by asking important questions and just listening to your prospect’s answers.  Develop an aversion for hearing your own voice.  Start telling yourself, “Here I go again!” whenever you find yourself talking more than you listen.

What do you think?  Share your view and comments with the world.

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